My Two Cents..........Entry Way

Hey friends!! I had a few of you ask me on Facebook to share some things about decorating and since we just moved to a new home, there’s a lot of that going on!! I’ve had the opportunity to guide our mortgage broker on design direction for her lake house, my friend who actually bought the home that we just moved from needed some farmhouse hutch inspiration and another dear friend needed to create an area to leave her kiddo’s messages and what not. While I would have loved to have been side by side with each of these sweet gal’s, time and distance doesn’t allow it, so I did it via Face Time and Instagram!

Anyway, I think I’ll call this “My Two Cents”. I’m no professional but I do enjoy changing up and creating fun spaces so if you’re interested, please join along!!! Feel free to ask me any questions you may have about decorating your space and I’ll do my best to help a friend out! So here’s our first installment of “My Two Cents”.


I needed to create an entryway wall in my living room because our new home doesn’t have a foyer or a coat closet.  Luckily I decided against selling my locker sets before leaving NJ! In our previous home these lockers hung out in our dining room for a time and on either side of our fireplace in the family room.  Now they are front and center in our living room! They fit right where I had hoped they would and I’m loving the extra storage and decorating space they’re giving me!

Can you see me?? Hello!!! Hi!!!!! Hey!!!!

Can you see me?? Hello!!! Hi!!!!! Hey!!!!

We did bring a few coats with us to ‘bama but we haven’t really needed them and I doubt that we will any time soon! Right now they are also holding our PlayStation, Wii and other wires that we haven’t dealt with yet.  Also some plastic bats for wiffle ball, frisbees and our dogs leashes.

I wanted to create a seating area in-between in case someone needed to sit and put shoes on or whatnot.  I previously had a bench there but it was pretty narrow and not very comfortable to sit on. So we swapped it out for my grandmother’s hope chest, it’s deeper for sitting plus more storage space!!  

Here’s the view as you’re coming in the front door.  They’re pretty rusty so one day I’d like to freshen them up a bit with a coat of paint and maybe new hardware, but I’m not sure that part is even possible.  


Here is the opposite direction.  I’m kinda in love with my front door and the view through it!  But having a glass paneled door takes some getting used to, so I’m playing around with the idea of hanging a sheer curtain or maybe a drop cloth curtain, we’ll see.


So fun new fact for you, I’ve recently discovered my love for vintage hangers!!! We brought an old armoire with us and it had a few old, wooden hangers in it, plus I think I already had one.  What a fun idea to hang them in our entryway! I’d love to find a few more, it’s not something I ever thought about doing before but I love it! I’d also love to find some vintage letter cards or something to hang from one or a few that spells out “Wanna Hang” or “Lets Hang”.  


The old flower bucket is home to our campfire sticks.  I started collecting vintage thermoses a few years back, I think when I first found JoRetro, my favorite vintage/Pyrex store in Havre de Grace, MD.


I picked up the little yellow truck locally (NJ) around Christmas last year and added it atop a few vintage books.  A desk lamp from Target, small farm stool and globe round out the top of the first set of lockers! Did you notice under the stool the bright yellow bowl upside down?  It has a little Ger from Mongolia on it. It was a gift from my daughter, Jessica from her time teaching in there a few summers ago. Some of you may want to call it a Yurt, but in Mongolia, it’s Ger.


I love my print from Nalin Stationary, it’s a great reminder to enjoy whatever season of life you find yourself in.  These truly are the good ol’ days!!


Beside vintage thermoses, books, and hangers, I also have a thing for vintage suitcases.  Not only are they cute, and fun to decorate with, they’re a great option for additional storage if that is something that your current living situation is lacking. I threw my extra decorative pillows int this metal hamper/basket from Target along with a little throw blanket.


Books, boxes, stools, and suitcases are great ways to add some height to a vignette, look for items that will compliment the colors, shapes, and sizes of the things you are already using and don’t be afraid to switch things out if it just doesn’t feel like it’s working. Stepping back and getting a fresh perspective is something that I would encourage you to do often. I will sometimes live with something for a few days or more just to see if I still like it after a while.

Although you will find many decorating rules out there, the only one truly applies is this, “It’s YOUR home, decorate it with things that bring YOU life, that make YOU smile and brings YOU joy!” There really is no right or wrong. As for style, what are you most drawn to? For me, I can’t really claim one specific style. I love vintage/antique, farmhouse, primitive and a little modern. So I find a way to mix it all together. For years I stressed over finding “my style”. I think I finally realized I had it all the time, it’s called MINE.

Honestly, there are bigger things in the world that we could and should spend our time thinking about. When it comes to your home, it should be stress free and completely you!

I hope you enjoyed My Two Cents. Remember, I’m willing to give them any time you would like them!!!

Happy Decorating!!