A Fresh Start

I'm not really sure how to start this or share this story, but I feel that I need to and that I want to.  So I'm just going to get right to it.  I have Type 2 Diabetes.  I was diagnosed Tuesday, September 20, 2016 and was somewhat devastated to get the news.  I've never been a naturally thin person and after gaining 60 extra pounds while pregnant with my first child (who is now 25) and then going on to having four more children, I've never really gotten rid of all the extra weight.  In managing my very full life, I've allowed myself to slip off of the charts of what's important.  While taking care of everyone and everything else, I've never really taken care of my self.  I've never really been a bad eater per se, but I've never really been a healthy eater either.

This appointment took forever.  I waited and waited and waited!   

This appointment took forever.  I waited and waited and waited!


Let me back up just a bit and tell you that prior to the appointment, I had really started feeling my weight.  I wholeheartedly believe in transparency and so I'll share that I weighed in 244.8 pounds on 9-20-16.  I'm embarrassed to put that out there, but I think it will be helpful.  Anyway, I knew that I needed to start making changes, not in the way that I've always known, but in a way that I knew it was now or never.  Even though I bawled my eyes out while the doctor spat out information, even though I was reminded over and over again while the doctor used words and phrases like "morbidly obese" and "newly diagnosed with diabetes", I couldn't be happier with that appointment. 

After the shock wore off, the devastation quickly turned into anger.  Anger over being a morbidly obese person, anger over having let myself go for so long, anger over now having diabetes.  I took on the mindset that I don't have time for diabetes, glucose checks, extra medicine and God-forbid one day having to rely on insulin.  I declared that I would not get to that point and that I was going to get rid of this disease.  The next day, I started researching and changed my eating habits.  I joined the American Diabetes Association, looked at apps that would help me track my eating habits and settled on Lifesum.  This app helps me to easily log my meals and water intake while giving me the nutritional information of each thing that goes into my body.  It gives me the percentage of carbohydrates, proteins, fat and calories. 

This reading was taken in the beginning.  I am now seeing glucose levels that are right in the range of where they need to be.

This reading was taken in the beginning.  I am now seeing glucose levels that are right in the range of where they need to be.

I am so happy to report that since September 20th, I have lost 16.4 pounds and am at 227.6 pounds.  Just after one week of eating more fruits and vegetables I felt such an incredible difference.  I felt more awake and had more energy.  I am much faster to just take care of things like carrying the laundry right up to my room and putting it away than I was before.  Honestly, if I could get someone to take it up for me, I would.

Yesterday, I committed to a 30 day, 15 minute per day work out plan.  I happened to be scrolling through Facebook, and came across a sponsored ad fromBetty Rocker.  I completed my first 15 minute workout yesterday and am feeling it today.  But I am so incredibly proud of myself that I can't wait to get back at it today!

The American Diabetes Association tells us:

  • In 2012, 29.1 million Americans, or 9.3% of the population, had diabetes
  • Approximately 1.25 million American children and adults have type 1 diabetes
  • 1.4 million Americans are diagnosed with diabetes every year

November is National Diabetes Month and there are lots of things that you can do to help spread awareness and join in the fight against diabetes.  The ADA (American Diabetes Association) has launched a campaign called #ThisIsDiabetes and they are asking for people to share their stories, either your own tale of life with diabetes or the journey of someone that you know. Or if you're better at dancing than you are writing stories, you can join the #DiabetesDanceDare.  There are so many ways to get involved!!  Please take some time to follow the links and educate yourself on this disease.  Support your loved ones that are living with diabetes by making healthy choices and getting active.  Offer encouragement to them to make good choices and let them know that you are on their team. 

The support that my family has given me is crucial to the results that I've experienced.  I can not do this without them!  Would you be willing to join my support team?  I'll continue to share my experience and goals as I go.  How about I share some of our recipes too?  I'm determined to make this fun and not daunting.  I'm determined to reverse the diagnosis through eating healthy and getting fit!  Won't you join me?  

Here are a few more links that are full of information, International Diabetes FederationNational Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidneys Disease

 *I have received no compensation from sharing these resources.  I simply love them and want to share them with you.

Do you or someone you know have Diabetes?  Please feel free to share your story in the comments.

God Bless