Turn Back Time

So we’ve decided to take a bit of a break in the new year. Some things in our lives are shifting and we need to adjust accordingly. But since you all are super awesome and we love you, we didn’t want to leave you in the dark. We thought it would be fun to turn the clock back and take you along as we re-visit our journey from the beginning. You can follow along just on Instagram if you’d like with the pictures and short captions or come over here and sit for a bit as we share the stories behind the cookies! It should be fun and we sure do hope you’ll stick around!

So here’s the story: I’ve always enjoyed baking and with five kiddos, you know Christmas Sugar Cookies were a hot mess of poorly chosen sanding sugars and sprinkles, not to mention the very generous amounts that each cookie received. Ahhhh the good ole’ days. Such fond memories, maybe it was such a mess because I was too busy watching the visions of perfectly decorated sugar cookies dancing in my head. You’ve seen them on the magazines, the perfect royal icing, Holly Jolly Santa with an actual twinkle in his eye, super cute mittens with delicate snowflakes!! Gahhhhhh I just knew I had it in me and couldn’t wait to give it a try!!!

Flash forward a bit and we find a beautiful snowy day brought just that opportunity to my door!!! My children had been all bundled up in their many layers and sent outside to frolic in the snow and that’s when it hit me!!! THIS IS MY CHANCE!!! So I grabbed the magazine, all of my supplies and got to work!! It was glorious!!!! Sadly I don’t have any pictures from those early days, but as you’ll soon see, they were not very good. They didn’t look anything like the ones on the magazine cover and the “perfect royal icing” was perfectly spilling over the sides of every cookie!!!!

I didn’t give up though, I started to make them for our family gatherings; Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, you get the point. A few years in and I had started to wonder if anyone outside of the family would be interested in in some of these cookies for their family gatherings. I shared that thought with my husband and just as I had finished I received a Facebook message from my pastors' wife and friend. She was inquiring if I could make 5 dozen engagement sugar cookies for her son’s upcoming engagement party!! After my jaw hit the floor, I explained that I didn’t really know what I was doing but if she was sure, I was willing to give it a shot!!!

Even though the request wasn’t for anything super fancy or technical I was super nervous. An engagement party is a pretty big deal and although the cookies weren’t a vital part of the evening, it still wasn’t something that I wanted to mess up!

The pictures that I initially shared today on Instagram were not these cookies, although they were for the same couple. Here are the engagement cookies that I made for my very first event

So there ya have it!!! Yellow and grey/silver hearts and circles with their initials and love. I had NO idea of how to flood, I hadn’t a CLUE about consistency in my icing, didn’t have a selection of piping tips and certainly didn’t even know that Kopykake was thing!! But my friend loved them, her son and wife-to-be loved them and their friends also loved them. So I continued. I posted to Facebook in February for Valentines Day and they were a hit!!!

The One that almost Go(a)t Away

I have a mental list of people that I'd love to make special cookies for.  Every so often, I get a small break in the schedule and am able to work on shortening that list.  Last summer I took the opportunity to make my friends, James and Adam, from Goat Haus Biergarten, a special set of celebratory cookies for the then recent opening of their new business endeavor.


When I first saw their logo, I knew that I had to put it on a cookie.  I tend to see the world in with different eyes now and some things or images just scream "Put me on a cookie!!".  Anyway, I was excited to get started and send them on their way.


I always ship with the USPS, Priority 2-3 day shipping so I had an idea as to when I would be hearing something from them.  I figured I would get a text or message from either James and/or Adam upon receipt but a few days had passed and I hadn't heard a thing.  Knowing that if they had received them, there was no way that these Southern Gentlemen wouldn't reach out to say thank you.  So I figured I'd better look into it just in case they never arrived.  Apparently, they weren't delivered and were sitting at the post office awaiting pick up!  I had really wanted these cookies to be a surprise, but I needed to touch base and let them know that I had sent them a package.

The One that Almost Go(at) Away | How Sweet Cookies | Decorated Sugar Cookies |

Long story short - I messaged the guys and let them know that I had sent them cookies and that they were at the post office.  A few days later, I still hadn't heard anything so I figured that I'd better check back with them again.  It had been almost a week since delivery. I sent a message and added a few pictures of the cookies this time.  I was worried that 1.) the cookies would be gone or 2.) they would be damaged.  I quickly received these next photos assuring me that all was well and the cookies were finally "home".


I didn't even see the cookie with a missing bite sitting on top of the sign.  When I did, I literally laughed out loud!  If you are in Montgomery, AL or somewhere nearby, make sure to stop by the Goat Haus Biergarten.  It looks like it's shaping up to be a great place to be!

Kids in the Kitchen -- Margaret Jane

Let me introduce you to Margaret Jane, or Maggie as she is most commonly known.  For those of you who don't personally know us, Maggie is a friend of ours, well her parents are the "actual" friends, she's a bonus to the friendship.  You see, my family and I have had the privilege of being her care-takers practically since she was born.  She is spunky to say the least and has certainly added another level of joy and laughter to our family. 

Look at that face!!  Can ya stand it?  No?  I didn't think so!  This girl is too much!!  For the past few years, she and I have hadmeetings about her upcoming birthday and what type of cookies she would like.  Needless to say, she wants pretty much every cookie she sees!!  Her birthday is months away but she is already talking about what cookies she wants.

The other day she told me that she wanted to be just like me when she grows up.........and bake cookies all day! lol Goodness girl, way to make me melt all over the floor!  She loves to help in the kitchen and usually teams up with my youngest daughter Julia to bake up all sorts of yummy treats! 

The other day she was really wanting to get into the kitchen and I had a lot of cookies to bake but thought maybe that I'd have some leftover dough that she could use.  She checked back throughout the day and we were both thrilled that I did have some left.  She was so excited to make her own cookies, she picked out the cutters that she wanted, pulled the chair over to the counter and got to work!  I added some sprinkles to the dough (which she thought was A W E S O M E!). 

The shirt says it all!! Also, I think that would be a cute message on a cookie!

This day Julia and Maggie made Loft house style sugar cookies.  I hate to admit this, but my girls LOVE the soft sugar cookies that you can get at the market in the bakery section.  I forced myself to try a bite the last time they brought some home and I honestly don't know what they love about them.  Anyway, I think that these will be a good replacement.  Maggie picked out the icing colors and sprinkles.  She was so proud of the large silver sprinkle. 

I've always believed that it's a good idea to get your kids in the kitchen when they are young!  It does take a bit more patience on mom's part but the rewards are well worth the struggle!  I'm glad that I get to help pass that on to Maggie and one day, Oliver <3

Do you let your little ones help in the kitchen? 

Is there anything better than a classic?

Who doesn't L O V E classic chocolate chip cookies?  They're one of my all time favorite cookies.  At one point in my life they were my go-to baking item.  I made them ALL OF THE TIME!!  Like, literally, all of the time.  I knew the recipe like the back of my hand and, whatever the occasion, you could bet that my chocolate chip cookies would be there.  Once, before a women's event at church, I was asked if my cookies were going to be there. 

It's been quite a long time since chocolate chip cookies were a staple in my life, but they are still my favorite cookie.  I have always used the Toll House recipe on the back of the chocolate chip bag and was rarely disappointed with it.   Since there are so many recipes on Pinterest for "the best" chocolate chip cookie or a variation from the classic, I thought it would be fun to try a few different recipes and share my thoughts with you.

First up, I found this recipe for Chewy Brown Sugar Chocolate Chip Cookies on Pinterest a few weeks ago and convinced my daughter, Julia, to make them!

As you can see, they were pretty!  I love a pretty cookie - but let's face it, beauty is only skin deep.   If they can't back themselves up with an out-of-this-world taste, I'm out!  It's gotta look good A N D taste good!!

Luckily, they tasted as good as they looked!  However, they didn't have a strong brown sugar taste even though it called for more brown sugar than the Toll House recipe.

They were perfect for dipping in a glass of cold milk; they kept their shape and didn't crumble; and they had a nice thick, almost cake like, consistency.


Overall, I'd say we'd give them a 4/5 chocolate-chip-rating! 

Okay, now it's your turn!  If you have a favorite chocolate chip recipe, please share it with me and I'll try it out and rate it on the blog!!