C'est La Vie Continued. . . .

My first order from Evan was a sweet and simple set for a first birthday party. C for Collins and little party hats in pink, grey and mint made up this precious order. (Side note: Collins recently turned SIX years old!!!!!) Little did I know that this would be the beginning of a period of immense growth for me.


Evan kept the orders coming; weddings, birthdays, fundraisers, shop owners. The orders continued to challenge and push my limited knowledge; larger quantities, more intricate designs, techniques that I hadn’t done before. I bet you don’t give butter a second thought huh? I didn’t either but quickly learned that butter has a certain amount of water in it and each brand is different. Cookies not holding their shape? Could be the butter. So I had to find the butter that worked and only use that. Shipping day gave me anxiety beyond measure! There is no secret formula for shipping sugar cookies. I can’t tell you at the beginning what shipping will cost because every cookie is a different shape and size, therefore I can’t say that I can fit 3 dozen dolphins into a certain size box.

My learning process was purely trial and error. We’ve all grown accustomed to fearing failure, but I’m telling you failure is the best way to learn. Learn from your mistakes, reassess your process and figure out how to do it better. It’s truly not a reflection on your ability or inability, it simply is just how it is. I was reading someone’s Instagram story and their new phrase is “I guess I just haven’t learned that yet”. What a healthy way to look it! Anyway, here are a few stand-out orders either because it was a major accomplishment or just a set that I am proud of during this part of journey.

Life Song for Orphans This set was for a fundraiser that was being held in Montgomery. I believe this was my first logo order.


These really don’t need an explanation. To take it up a notch I added his actual signature to each cookie along with a border. These were way too much fun!!! This is Evan G. Cooper by the way!


Ivy & Klein - this set was the logo for this couples wedding. I had never done anything so detailed before!


When Evan called me to talk about this next set, I almost cried! Shauna West, a shop owner and author from Troy, Alabama had just released her book “The $50.00 Home Makeover” . Click here to see the video of her release party and see if you can spot the cookies!!


Chelsea from E + ME became a recurring order and one that I always looked forward to. Chelsea was a new shop owner and being able to help sweeten her shops birthday celebrations was such encouragement for me at this point.


Every year at Christmas, the Governor’s Mansion is opened to the public for tours. Each of the rooms is beautifully decorated by volunteer designers from around the state. You can read more about the 2019 tour here. One year, Evan asked if I could provide cookies for the room that he was set to decorate, the dining room. He was also having a Christmas Open House shortly after and needed cookies for that event as well. My husband and I decided that this would be a good time to deliver cookies to him, meet him and check out Alabama!

I added the holes on each side of the cookie so that they could be strung with ribbon and kept as keepsakes to hang on their tree. There was a cookie with each of the Governor’s children and grandchildren’s names as well as the Governor and his wife.

I added the holes on each side of the cookie so that they could be strung with ribbon and kept as keepsakes to hang on their tree. There was a cookie with each of the Governor’s children and grandchildren’s names as well as the Governor and his wife.

At this point in the journey, the seed of moving to Montgomery had already been planted. Bill and I spent just a few days over Thanksgiving there and connected with a sweet realtor who kindly showed us several different houses, knowing that we were only looking and no where near ready to buy a home and move. This would be the first of several trips south for us.

Thanks so much for coming along on this journey with me, not only look back over the beginning but even now, while we settle in to our new home and state. Thank you for your support, your patience and your love! I wouldn’t be here without you!

Turn Back Time

So we’ve decided to take a bit of a break in the new year. Some things in our lives are shifting and we need to adjust accordingly. But since you all are super awesome and we love you, we didn’t want to leave you in the dark. We thought it would be fun to turn the clock back and take you along as we re-visit our journey from the beginning. You can follow along just on Instagram if you’d like with the pictures and short captions or come over here and sit for a bit as we share the stories behind the cookies! It should be fun and we sure do hope you’ll stick around!

So here’s the story: I’ve always enjoyed baking and with five kiddos, you know Christmas Sugar Cookies were a hot mess of poorly chosen sanding sugars and sprinkles, not to mention the very generous amounts that each cookie received. Ahhhh the good ole’ days. Such fond memories, maybe it was such a mess because I was too busy watching the visions of perfectly decorated sugar cookies dancing in my head. You’ve seen them on the magazines, the perfect royal icing, Holly Jolly Santa with an actual twinkle in his eye, super cute mittens with delicate snowflakes!! Gahhhhhh I just knew I had it in me and couldn’t wait to give it a try!!!

Flash forward a bit and we find a beautiful snowy day brought just that opportunity to my door!!! My children had been all bundled up in their many layers and sent outside to frolic in the snow and that’s when it hit me!!! THIS IS MY CHANCE!!! So I grabbed the magazine, all of my supplies and got to work!! It was glorious!!!! Sadly I don’t have any pictures from those early days, but as you’ll soon see, they were not very good. They didn’t look anything like the ones on the magazine cover and the “perfect royal icing” was perfectly spilling over the sides of every cookie!!!!

I didn’t give up though, I started to make them for our family gatherings; Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, you get the point. A few years in and I had started to wonder if anyone outside of the family would be interested in in some of these cookies for their family gatherings. I shared that thought with my husband and just as I had finished I received a Facebook message from my pastors' wife and friend. She was inquiring if I could make 5 dozen engagement sugar cookies for her son’s upcoming engagement party!! After my jaw hit the floor, I explained that I didn’t really know what I was doing but if she was sure, I was willing to give it a shot!!!

Even though the request wasn’t for anything super fancy or technical I was super nervous. An engagement party is a pretty big deal and although the cookies weren’t a vital part of the evening, it still wasn’t something that I wanted to mess up!

The pictures that I initially shared today on Instagram were not these cookies, although they were for the same couple. Here are the engagement cookies that I made for my very first event

So there ya have it!!! Yellow and grey/silver hearts and circles with their initials and love. I had NO idea of how to flood, I hadn’t a CLUE about consistency in my icing, didn’t have a selection of piping tips and certainly didn’t even know that Kopykake was thing!! But my friend loved them, her son and wife-to-be loved them and their friends also loved them. So I continued. I posted to Facebook in February for Valentines Day and they were a hit!!!