My Two Cents on Simple Hospitality

Hey friends!  I just had my first opportunity to have some friends over and I wanted to share a few little hostess tips with y’all!!!  


The first tip is to make the decision to open your doors, your home and your heart to hospitality. This can be a tough first step. The world, with all of it’s commercials, magazines, television shows and social media posts may have made you feel like you have to have a stocked arsenal of supplies, foods, beverages and the perfect space to host. Let me tell you, that is not true at all. Are those things nice? Absolutely but they are not necessary.

I think I need to host a porch party!! is that a thing? If not it totally should be!!! Thank you Lord for this front porch <3

I think I need to host a porch party!! is that a thing? If not it totally should be!!! Thank you Lord for this front porch <3

Okay so remember that we just moved to a new state less than a month ago. Remember that moving is a huge undertaking. Remember that unpacking and settling into your new abode is a time taker. Also remember that you cannot wait for the perfect time because the perfect time does not exist. I won’t lie, I was a tad bit hesitant to invite people over for most of the reasons above.


Add to that, I had no plan in place. I didn’t prepare any fancy food or drinks, didn’t have matching plates and napkins and didn’t really want to take the time to “worry” about those things. That is the second tip, you don’t need a grand plan or much of a plan at all!!

I was going to make sweet tea but was a little hesitant to offer it to these southern gals. (I am from the North ya know).  So instead I grabbed a pretty glass pitcher, some mint leaves, water and a lemon. I was hoping to bake in the morning but instead asked my son to bake some chocolate chip muffins (he does this fairly often). The third tip: use what you have on hand or can easily out source!

One of my favorite things to do is fling these patio doors open!!!!!! These doors are at the end of our dining room and lead to a sweet little patio and our side yard.

One of my favorite things to do is fling these patio doors open!!!!!! These doors are at the end of our dining room and lead to a sweet little patio and our side yard.

This Alabama Spring weather has just been heavenly!!!!  We were able to swing our patio doors wide open and just enjoy not having to be closed off from the outside. We raised up the giant, old windows and enjoyed the breeze wafting through the house. It was glorious!


We had a nice time chatting and catching up and I can’t wait to do it again!!! I have some bigger ideas in my mind for a bit larger of a group so stayed tuned for more!!

The fourth and final tip is to remember, when your guests accept an invitation from you, they are doing so because they want to be with YOU. They seriously do not care if your house is perfect or lived in, they don’t expect a giant spread or a big fuss. They just want to be with YOU.

Let’s vow to take the stress out of hospitality. It’s too much work. It’s not worth the effort and YOU are more of a gift to others than you give yourself credit for!!!

Happy Hostessing!!!!

Fall Centerpiece 2.0

One of the great things about using these hydrangeas when they’re past their prime, is that they don’t need water because they’re already dead, so as long as you are gentle with them, they’re good for as long as you need them!!

After gathering with family to celebrate my parents birthdays I couldn’t bear to toss the flowers out into the compost but because we only need six seats for daily meals, we needed to put the table back to its smaller size.

I had been thinking about what I wanted to do next with the flowers so I got to work dismantling the flowers and table. I have a thing for old wooden boxes, especially long ones. I just find them both functional and beautiful. I grabbed my favorite, okay I grabbed the only one that hasn’t been attached to a wall, and got to work. I lined the box with part of the packing paper from the table runner and started to fill the box until it was nice and full. Then I needed to dismantle the table and put the leaves away.

We purchased our table through Wayfair {they’ve got just what you need}. Our kitchen/dining space is long and narrow, and our previous farm table was extra wide so I never felt that it really fit well in this space. I knew that I wanted something a bit narrower but also longer. You can find the listing for the table here. It’s actually on sale at the moment at a great price! It’s sturdy, yet lightweight, and has self-storage for three leaves and is a easy to change up when needed. I was able to dismantle it on my own. This is not an affiliate post, I just wanted to share the information with you in case any one was interested.

Currently this arrangement is living on top of a shelf in the kitchen because we tend to do everything at this table; school, work, eat, play, puzzles, crafts, etc. Due to the constant activity, centerpieces don’t tend to stay on the table for very long. Although beautiful and fun, centerpieces on the table aren’t very functional for us.

Typically you’ll find our table looking more like this

I had wanted to post this last week, as of now, the box of dried hydrangeas is sitting on the floor in the garage. I still can’t bear to toss them and am thinking that tucking them into a Christmas tree may be the next step! I’ll keep you posted!!!

Fall Centerpiece

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably noticed the pictures of my hydrangeas over the past few weeks. They go from white, to a lime green, then head into beautiful shades of pinks before they are done for the year.

If you just took a quick glance at them, you would cast them off as dying or dead. But upon closer inspection, you would find that their show isn’t over just yet.

We celebrated my parents birthdays in October and I decided to bring some of these beauties in so that we could enjoy them the night of the celebration. I got my garden scissors and started snipping.

I had an idea in my head of what I wanted the arrangement to look like, so I knew that I needed different size blooms and lengths of stem. Once inside, I laid them out on the floor to separate each stem and flower, I sprayed them with a little bit of Thieves household cleaner, hoping that it would encourage any critters to move out! I’m not really sure that it worked. {lol}

I also gathered some mini pumpkins from around the house to tuck in here and there and eventually added a few old bottles as well. Of course the concern was where we would put the food, but I was confident we’d work it out.

In the end, I was very happy with how it all turned out! We had plenty of space for the food and family and it was a sweet night of celebrating.