C' est La Vie !!

In 2014, I received an order for a Paris themed 13th birthday party. If I could go anywhere in the world, it would be Paris, France, so I was really excited for this order. Little did I know that this would be the set that would start a whole new chapter in my cookie journey.

There are so many fun things you can do with a french themed set It was hard for me to stick to just the Eiffel tower as the only Paris icon. I decided to add plaques with the birthday girls’ initial and a few french words.

Flood first - detail after

Flood first - detail after

Becca also wanted the color purple and butterflies to be a part of her order. Taking each part of what a client shares and finding a cohesive way to bring it all together into the perfect set of cookies is always a fun challenge! I really loved how this set came out even though I struggled a bit with the butterfly design. To this day, it’s still a cookie that I struggle with.

For the writing on the plaques I used a food safe marker. Those became one of my favorite tools to use. You can find them on Amazon.

For the writing on the plaques I used a food safe marker. Those became one of my favorite tools to use. You can find them on Amazon.


Here is where a few things intersect; the first takes us back to the days of when blogs ruled the world. The Lettered Cottage was and is one of my favorites. I can remember years ago walking through a Home Depot and seeing Layla and Kevin Palmer on the cover of a magazine and thinking, “I know them!”. Isn’t it funny how social media makes us all feel like we’re friends?

When Instagram graced the socials with it’s presence in the fall of 2010 I found Layla and so many other talented people to follow! Through Layla I found Evan G. Cooper, an Alabama based wedding and event planner. I instantly fell in love with the gorgeous wedding and floral photos that he shared in his feed.

Eventually Evan followed me back and would occasionally leave a comment. At this time I didn’t have a separate IG for cookies, it was just mixed in with my personal feed. After sharing the Paris themed set on Instagram, Evan left me a comment that read something like this, “I sure wish you shipped, because I could use some cookies for a party I have in a few weeks!” {insert bulgy eyed, jaw dropping emoji here}

Once I recovered from such a message I kindly asked him for his email and told him that I would love to talk to him more about this party and the possibility of shipping cookies. I hadn’t ever shipped cookies before and had no idea where to even begin. I was not about to let that stop me though. I found out what he was looking for, gave him a price and waited. In the meantime I took to the internet to learn how to ship!!

……to be continued

Side note Today is the 18th birthday of the sweet girl who wanted a Paris themed 13th!!! Happy Birthday Becca!! I’m so glad that I get to call you friend <3