Humble Hospitality

I'm sitting in a hospital room, with my mother, waiting for my father to return from having a few tests done.  Back in 2010 he suffered from a heart attack and had a stent put in.  They also noted that the main artery to the heart was at a 50% blockage, which was not a grave concern.  Looking forward, the doctor suspected that my father may need a bypass in about two years.

Like I said, that was 2010.  He had a stress test last friday and experienced a bit of shortness of breath, so they scheduled a heart catheterization for today.  The procedure was no longer than 45 minutes and the results led to a black and white conclusion.  The main artery has worsened and open heart surgery is the next step. 

You may be wondering what this has to do with hospitality or humility but I'm sharing this because I believe that hospitality is not contained within the four walls of a building and humility is not just for the poor. Humble hospitality is not merely found nor is it contained just within four walls.  I believe that it is also found within the walls of our hearts and our minds.

I have never met anyone that has chosen to have such an amazing attitude in the face of adversity.  My father, while being wheeled on his gurney, has joyfully greeted almost everyone he has passed.  He has made doctors and nurses smile, laugh and shake their head.  When asked "How are you doing?", his response is emphatically, "Better than I deserve!!". He takes the time to ask them about themselves and gets to know a bit of who they are.

In a place where joy and laughter are somewhat uncommon, this man has defied the norm and brought forth JOY and laughter, in a place where you hope the staff makes you feel warm and welcomed, the patient is doing the warming and welcoming, in a situation that most would greet with fear and trembling, he has embraced with peace and confidence.

I am guilty of closing my heart in response to so many frivilous situations. I am guilty of not choosing joy, of not inviting others in and keeping my head down.  My dad continues to be a shining light of joy and hospitality.  He continues to open himself and invite others in.  He doesn't find this day and outcome an inconvenience, rather an open invitation for others to enter in.

In a world where we keep our heads down and mind our own business, its nice to hear a joyful voice break through the silence and welcome others in.

Surgery is scheduled for next Wednesday morning - He will come with an open heart (no pun intended)

All prayers and good thoughts are welcomed!  And in honor of my dad, break the silence, open your heart and/or home and share some humble hospitality ❤

God Bless