Homefront Hospitality

As a child, I always struggled with the spelling of the word pneumonia, that and getting it mixed up with ammonia.  (Please tell me that I am not the only one!)  However, over the past three years I've gotten rather familiar with that pesky word.  Not only am I no longer confused about the spelling, but I know what it feels like to suffer with it.  In August of 2013 my run-of-the-mill head cold turned into a three month stint with pneumonia.  After the initial weeks of fever, coughing and hacking, I was destined to my recliner, the bathroom (pneumonia weakens your bladder- tmi, I know), binge watching Netflix and lots of wasting my time doing nothing, also known as rest.  It didn't go well.  I missed three out of five of my children's birthdays and an entire soccer season (of which I am the coach- well, sort of).

Fast forward to May 2016 and guess what?  My run-of-the-mill head cold again turned into PNEUMONIA!!  I am beyond the fever and violent hacking.  I have sat, slept, rested, netflixed and social media-d (yes, I made those into verbs) more than I ever really wanted to.  I "feel" like I should be able to live a productive life, but......I can't.  It's so weird how even the smallest task completely wears me out, I can't even walk up-stairs without being completely wiped out.    I am thankful that my kids have been holding down the fort (and sometimes me), keeping things running and have shown me such sweet hospitality. 

Merriam-Webster defines hospitality as:

  • generous and friendly treatment of visitors and guests : hospitable treatment

  • the activity of providing food, drinks, etc. for people who are the guests or customers of an organization

I believe that hospitality starts at home and also within ourselves.  I'm still working on self-hospitality but I am proud to say that my kids have it down pretty well. There has been plenty of hot tea w/honey, toast and jelly, making sure I take my medicine, water refills, and trips to the store.  Not to mention they've been keeping laundry going, floors swept, school work accomplished, and much more.  Now don't get me wrong, it wasn't all smiles and cheer, my kids are normal teenagers and not every job was a welcomed task.  But they have loved me well and trust me, that's not always easy to do, stubbornness runs deep in my family.

So with that said, I am trying to keep my mind positive and intentionally notice all of the gifts that surround me!  I'm praying that this doesn't take three months again - but if it does, I'll still be counting the gifts!!

Here are just a few pictures from my time on the couch, or in bed, or that one time I sat outside for ten minutes.  Glamorous stuff ya'll!!

  • bedside hospitality
  • comfy bedding
  • herbal tea, bagged and loose (compliments of my tea fanatic friend Jill)
  • essential oils
  • peonies fresh from the garden
  • creamy potato soup
  • watching a storm rolling in
  • listening to the laughter from the couch as Jessica hosted her friends to celebrate a birthday

Well, that's it for now.  In case you were wondering, my cookie calendar has been empty!  In 2013 I had just finished up my last scheduled order just days before I got sick and I had nothing scheduled after that.  The day after I was completely back to myself, three new orders came in.  God is good and faithful and for that, I am beyond thankful!

If you need me, I'll be Netflixing!!