A Mother's Day Gift

On September 12, 1996 I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.  My second born, my first daughter.  I can remember the night before giving birth, I was feeling anxious about having a second child, the questions swirled through my mind as I sat in the rocker that was placed in the corner of her nursery.  Will I have enough love for another child, can I handle two, what do I do with a girl...........I've been a boy mom for five years!!!  Once the fears and questions settled, I anticipated having a blonde, curly haired, blue eyed little girl like I had been.  I was excited to fix her hair and dress her up.  Well it turns out that she is a beautiful, green eyed, brunette who never liked having her hair fixed and didn't really care for frilly dresses and big bows.  I quickly realized that none of that mattered and she was more than I could have ever imagined!!

Flash forward and Jessica is now a TESOL (teaching English to speakers of other languages) major.  She is finishing her junior year of college this week.  She is 19.  She has spent the last two semesters interning with adult refugees and taught this group for a month while the teacher was out.  Not to brag, but this girl is amazing and this doesn't even begin to scratch the surface.  This girl has been nothing but a gift to me (and her family and many others) since the beginning and I'm so excited about an opportunity she has this summer.  I wanted to let you in on what's happening and offer you a sweet treat too!

For her practicum she will be traveling to Asia this summer to teach English for 5 weeks! One of those weeks she'll teach in a yurt!!  Can you imagine?  What an opportunity!!  I mean, I've barely left the state, let alone the country!


She has been raising support for a few weeks now and needs to be 70% funded by May 1st.  So in an effort to help get her to that goal and beyond, I thought that I would ask you, my Sweet friends, if you'd like to come along side us and support Jessica.  I thought it would be nice to sweeten the deal a little -not that you need to be bribed or motivated, I'm just nice like that - and help you out with a Mother's Day gift set of beautiful rose cookies!

Here's how it works.  You make a list of women that you would like to honor this Mother's Day with a set of cookies and instead of paying How Sweet Cookies, you will go to the English Language Institute/China website and pay there.

I am pricing the set at $30.00, you will get one dozen cookies in a gift box, beautifully wrapped for those special ladies on your list, and I will even add a beautiful hand-written note!

After I confirm your order, you will hop over to this link, www.elic.org/donate/give , click on "Support an ELIC Teacher", type in "Richie", and click on her name.  You then will have the opportunity to enter in the donation amount.  Here, you can enter the cost of the cookies/your donation.  Jessica will get notified of the donation and then we will get started on filling your order.  Easy Peasy!

As a mother, one of my greatest gifts is to watch my children succeed and follow God’s plan for their lives.  Jessica is doing just that and it would be so wonderful if you would partner with us not just by ordering cookies, but also by prayer and through encouragement.  Jessica has a private Facebook page that she is using to keep her supporters updated on her progress, educated on the country and people she will be teaching and ministering to, and also to foster an open conversation in those who wish to partner with her.  If you are on Facebook and would love to be a part of that group, please let me know.

I really couldn't be more proud of this young lady and I am so honored to be her mama.  Thank you all for your continued support and friendship.  To place an order please send an email to howsweetcookies@yahoo.com

Love, Hugs and Cookies