Gatherings: { J o y c e }

It's time for another "Gatherings" post!  This one took place in January and I'm pleased to share it with you today!


I am always amazed when clients know exactly what type of cookie they are looking for and I'm always excited when it's something that I've never done before.  Such is the case with Joyce.  You see, Joyce is married to a pig farmer and was getting ready to celebrate her husbands 70th birthday!!  Not only that but their first grandchild's birthday is the same exact date.  I happen to know that during the summer, this special man has all of his grandsons over to his farm every day and they have sort of a camp or club.  They go to town with him to run errands, they help with farm chores and they just have the best kind of time that young boys ever could have.

Well, let me have Joyce tell you a bit more about these special men and then I'll share a few pictures of this fun set with you.

On January 21, 2016, Tom will become 70 years old and his first born grandson, Patrick, will turn 11. Back in 1970, Tom was attending Texas A & M and working at a large hog operation in Texas.

To avoid being drafted, he enlisted and signed on to the Army Special Forces, otherwise known as the Green Berets. When he completed his military tour of duty in 1974 we moved back to our hometown where Tom joined his father in farming and raising pigs.

In 1977 he joined the local police department and, in the vernacular of the day, he became a “pig”, which he remained for the following 27 years.

During those years, along with policing, Tom remained in farming and, our own three children were exposed to raising pigs and hog killing, alongside their own grandparents.

In 2005 we welcomed our first of six “grands” when Patrick Wayne was born on Tom’s birthday. Fast forward to the year 2015 and Grampop (Tom) decides to raise pigs again. Now a new generation of kids are being schooled in the workings of raising pigs and the experience of butchering pigs. In addition to that, they are learning how to make sausage, scrapple and lard.

Naturally, “pigs” is the perfect theme for this birthday of two special men. Grampop Tom and “grand”son Patrick

Obviously pigs were a given when planning out this set, but I couldn't just stop there.  I had a bit of fun with some farm life sayings to accompany the pigs!

I sat aside a few of the cookies in a special box for Farmer Tom and young Farmer Patrick.  I am really loving these boxes.  They really help to set apart your gift as something truly special.  I have another bit of information about this set to share with you.  Many of you have followed me for some time on Instagram and Facebook and you know that I take care of a curly headed little girl named Maggie.  Farmer Tom happens to be Miss Maggie's Grampop!!  You may notice a "Special" Pig cookie on the platter above.  Maggie just had to "help" me complete this order.  I don't think Tom or Patrick would have had it any other way!

We at "How Sweet!" sure do hope that these soooeeeeyyyyyyt cookies made celebrating your birthdays extra special!!  Thank you Joyce for allowing us to be a part in this special celebration.