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Hello, I’m Lorraine Richie, creator of How Sweet Cookies. I’m so glad that you’re here!

As a creative person I’ve always enjoyed making things, though I’ve struggled to find a single hobby to stick to. That is, until decorated sugar cookies became my “thing” in 2012. While it started as something I enjoyed doing for my personal family gatherings, it grew a little bigger when my pastor’s wife asked for cookies for her son’s engagement party, and from there my “hobby” took off!

I began a blog and cookie business shortly after, but re-branded in 2016 and How Sweet Cookies was born! Today, we specialize in decorated sugar cookies for every gathering, big or small. I work alongside my husband and wonderful children. We can’t wait to help make your gathering sweet, one cookie at a time!


"Success is a journey, not a destination.  The doing is often more important than the outcome." - Arthur Ashe